Seeds Program


The YieldNest seeds program is designed to recognize and reward active engagement from community members and partners. YieldNest believes that early adopters play a significant role in the growth and success of the ecosystem. Therefore, through the seeds program, YieldNest aims to connect the dedication and support of users to tangible rewards, including participation in future airdrops.

The accumulation of seeds is not just a measure of contribution but also a stake in future rewards that YieldNest will distribute. This guide explains the process of earning seeds and how they pave the way for benefits during YieldNest's planned airdrop. YieldNest is committed to ensuring that every action within the ecosystem leads to rewarding outcomes.

How to Earn Seeds?

The simplest way for users to earn seeds is by staking their ETH with YieldNest. As YieldNest enhances its network through partnerships and integrations, users will find more ways to accumulate additional seeds. This includes providing liquidity to DeFi protocols in partnership with YieldNest, referrals, and other upcoming opportunities. LSTs will also be available, as ynLSD will be live after ynETH.

With our base reward program, you can receive 2 seeds per hour for every ETH staked.

For example, staking 5 ETH yields 240 seeds daily (2 Seeds * 24 hours * 5 ETH).

If you activate boosts, your base rate will increase. For example, if you have a +100% boost, you will receive 4 seeds per ETH per hour.

Seeds Formula: How Many Seeds Can Users Earn?



  • Total Seedsi represents the total number of seeds earned by participants.

  • ETH Stakedi is the amount of ETH staked by participant i.

  • T is the total time in hours that ETH is staked.

  • Seeds Rate is the number of seeds earned per hour per ETH staked, which is pre-set at 2 seeds.

Special Launch Program for the First 7 Days

YieldNest has crafted a special program to thank early supporters during the first epoch post-mainnet launch. The program features a +400% Boost. Stakers during this period will enjoy the base rate + 400% = 5 times base rate earnings. For instance, staking 5 ETH would net users 1200 (240 * 5) seeds daily, accumulating to 8,400 seeds over seven days instead of the regular 1680 seeds.

Referral Program

YieldNest has also introduced a referral program to boost users' seeds and benefit both the referrer and the referred.

Users earn an additional one-time +25% boost that lasts 30 days for referring or being referred. Referral boosts stacks additively with other active boosts, meaning that if users have an existing +100% boost, the referral elevates it to a +125% boost. Moreover, referrers enjoy a bonus of 10% of the base rate on ETH deposited by their invitees.

Example: By staking 100 ETH and referring two users who each deposit 50 ETH, the referrers’ monthly seed earnings could soar to 194,400 —a substantial 35% leap from the 144,000 seeds they’d garner without leveraging referrals.

TLDR: Users get a one-time 25% boost for 30 days for referring or being referred, stacking with other boosts. Referrers also receive a 10% bonus of the base rate * ETH deposited by the referred.

Epoch Section

We have planned various actions and boosts that will be released over time and connected to product development. In the epoch section, you will find an overview of the current epoch and the available actions and boosts. Each epoch is time-limited, meaning the actions listed there will no longer be available after the epoch ends.

Here, you can find a general overview of the first epochs. Further actions within each epoch may and will be added.

Epoch 1 - Start May 14, at 12:42 UTC - End May 21 [EXTENDED to May 28]

  • Base rate of 2 ynSeeds per ETH per hour.

  • Special Launch Program - this exclusive campaign will last seven days. In this first week, all deposits have a +400% boost (5 times the base rate seeds per ETH). This means you will receive 10 ynSeeds per ETH per hour.

Epoch 2 - TBD

  • Base rate of 2 ynSeeds per ETH per hour.

  • Introduction of interactive games to WIN more seeds.

  • YieldNest Pioneers program will be activated: early adopters who stake 5 ETH or more can claim their Pioneer NFT - Pioneer NFTs provide holders a permanent +15% boost.

Epoch 3 - TBD

  • Base rate of 2 ynSeeds per ETH per hour.

  • Liquidity Incentives with Seed Multipliers for DeFi integrations, e.g. Curve pools.

Additional Epochs with Time-limited boosts for special events, more games, and tailored incentives will come. Stay tuned and follow us not to miss out.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Are Seeds Transferable?

Loyalty seeds are tied to users' participation and are non-transferable.

Can Users Lose Their Seeds?

Once accrued, users' seeds are secure and stop accruing only if they withdraw their staked ETH. Engaging in activities like providing liquidity or moving ETH to Layer 2s continues to generate seeds. YieldNest recommends users stay updated with its community channels for the latest information regarding its loyalty program.

To check accumulated seed amounts, users must connect their wallets to YieldNest’s dashboard.

[Coming soon] More Ways to Earn Seeds

To continue rewarding our early users and loyal supporters, YieldNest will introduce additional methods to earn Seeds. Be sure to check the Seeds Section, your personal seeds dashboard.

Hereby some things that we are working on:

  • Seeds for Liquidity Provision: Users who provide liquidity on external DeFi protocols with ynETH will earn Seeds

  • Time-Limited Boosts: New boosts will be made available to increase your Seed earnings (limited time only or based on certain goals)

  • Loyalty Boost: We want to build a long-term relationship. Every day, you earn a 0.5% boost. The boost is capped at 100% and adds to your other boosts. If you want to learn more about our innovative withdrawal flow, read more here.

More opportunities will become available to earn seeds as more integrations and partnerships are introduced, including adding liquidity on external DeFi protocols, utilizing other liquid restaking tokens, and more.

YieldNest encourages users to stay tuned for updates on its community channels to ensure they don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to boost their seeds:

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