YieldNest DAO

YieldNest incorporates a DAO and sub-DAO structure to let the community make significant decisions regarding the protocol. Its goal is to foster a self-sustaining, decentralized protocol that can eventually operate independently of the core development team. The governance structure will incorporate chambers. Each chamber will consist of a group of leaders who manage it. Leaders are elected based on staked YND tokens, and each chamber votes on a specific category of issues.

While the final design of the DAO and YND tokenomics are still under consideration, here are some ideas regarding the DAO's governing power:

  • Pause and upgrade contracts in the event of vulnerabilities and Ethereum hard forks.

  • Vote on protocol parameters like commission rates.

  • Participate in AVS research and vote on which AVSs should be included in the protocol.

  • Conduct due diligence on operators and vote to include eligible operators in the protocol.

  • Manage the YieldNest treasury through grants, gauges, and liquidity mining.

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