Pioneer Program

Introducing the Pioneer Program

The YieldNest's Pioneer Program rewards the earliest and most devoted members of its community. Pioneers enjoy a permanent 15% Seeds boost for their staked ETH.

YieldNest will offer at least two limited periods to become a Pioneer. However, the qualification requirements will become more strict with each subsequent wave.

To qualify for the first wave:

Wave #1 requirements

  • Users must restake within the first 2 weeks after launch.

  • The minimum restaking amount to become a pioneer is 5 ETH.

  • Users can activate their pioneer status by claiming and minting their Pioneer NFT during the designated period (exact details to be announced).

How to claim your Pioneer NFT?

At the end of the 1st wave, you can activate your Pioneer status by claiming and minting your exclusive Pioneer NFT.

How to claim:

  1. Become eligible by meeting the above requirements

  2. The link to claim will become available after the end of wave #1

  3. Claim your NFT by using the same wallet address that you used for your deposit

After the end of wave #1, we will take a snapshot. Everyone who meets the criteria will be able to mint their personal NFT. The link to claim will be accessible via the official Pioneers landing page.

Enjoy a 15% permanent boost on your Seeds

You will keep all of your Pioneer bonuses, while your Pioneer status remains "active". To keep an "active" status, you must maintain a minimum of 5 ETH restaked. Dropping below this 5 ETH will automatically change your status to "inactive," which results in losing your 15% boost. To change your status from "inactive" to "active" again, you must restake to a minimum of 5 ETH.

[Coming soon] Guardians

Participate in YieldNest's growth and ecosystem.

After the launch of the YieldNest DAO, we will start our Guardian program. For our well-respected Guardians, we will provide many advantages within our ecosystem. Benefits; such as more voting power, the right to create proposals, special events, and much more.

The exact qualification criteria for Guardians will be announced before the launch of the YieldNest DAO. Those who have a Pioneer NFT will have a streamlined process to become a Guardian.

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